It’s Snowing…Time to Get Moving.

Okay, we know it’s cold outside and the snow is piling up. For most of us, weather like this makes us want to hibernate and binge on Netflix (or to “Netflix and chill,” but that’s a different type of post). We aren’t usually thinking about getting our bodies moving this time of year. One of the unfortunate consequences for many of the winter hibernation is low mood and depression. Short days with little sunlight only compound that. One of the ways to combat low mood in the winter is to get up and get moving (not always the easiest when you are depressed). The truth is, taking care of your body is essential to boosting and maintaining mental health. That’s why for the rest of the winter, we will be focusing on the interaction between mental and physical health. Keep posted for information on ways to improve mental health through caring for your physical self.


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