The Decision

In the spirit of our theme this month – may Jordan and Sarah’s courage and grace inspire you.

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Life is full of prescribed responses.

You bump into someone- “Excuse me.”

Someone gives you a gift- “I love it.”

You see a newborn baby- “How adorable!”

But there are no prescribed responses for the moment an oncologist looks at you and your wife and says, “My goal for you is five year survivorship.”

At this point, I should’ve known better and worn a chest protector to this appointment. Maybe then, his words wouldn’t have been able to hit me with enough power to force the air out of my lungs.

I told my body to breathe, but nothing happened. His words slowly dripped into my ears again and again.

Soon they weren’t words, merely letters. Letters that became only sounds as I frantically tried to strip them of their meaning.

Survivorship? What does that even mean? Maybe it doesn’t mean what it sounds like. I asked him to clarify…

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