Generating Random Acts of Kindness – Our Pay it Forward Campaign


Welcome to our first annual PAY IT FORWARD! Campaign.

By refocusing our energy outward, we often bring some healing to ourselves. Research on well-being, mental health, and happiness highlights the benefit of giving to others. People who consistently help others experience less depression and better overall health.

Not to mention that when we give to others, kindness spreads exponentially.

Wilder Therapy is launching our PAY IT FORWARD! campaign in the effort to highlight the mental health benefits of giving to others.

pfi2The campaign is simple:

We have left 20 envelopes, each containing $5, around Warwick, RI. Some have been delivered to office buildings. Others have been left in mailboxes.  

Each envelope states:

“We believe in the power of giving to others and its benefit to psychological well-being. Today, we are giving to you. Inside, you will find $5. We hope it will brighten your day in some way. We also hope it will inspire you to do something kind for someone else. If you do, share your story with us. Visit and click on the PAY IT FORWARD! link on the top of the page.”

What happens next is up to you…

Share your experience of Random Acts of Kindness with us and read those others have shared at


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