Transition – Kindergarten: “I’m Going to Meet the Captain of Kindergarten & We’re Going to Play”

Times of academic transition pose a particular challenge for kids and parents. Moving from one developmental period of educational time to another requires families to tackle new requirements. These milestone moments are excellent points for reflection.

The following is by mom and her twins as they prepare for Kindergarten.

ImageMom: Erin from Ohio

Kiddos: Cam and Evie (age 5)

From Erin: Our five-year-old daughters have been buzzing about Kindergarten since advancing to their daycare’s pre-K classroom last autumn. They ask, “Are we going to Kindergarten today?” every morning, then turn their disappointed faces in the direction of the non-Kindergartened day ahead of them.

With the start of school now less than 30 days away, the anticipation is reaching a fevered pitch. Supply lists have been printed, bookbags are going on test runs to the grocery store, outfits have been selected for picture day. I wonder at their excitement—their (apparently) fearless enthusiasm for this new environment, new teachers, new kids to meet. It’s energy and joy that my jaded 37-year-old self envies greatly, and I pray it lasts for many years to come.

So for now, we revel in the expectation of a new adventure. We practice the alphabet and counting to 20; sing “The Kindergarten Song,” which they learned for their preschool graduation ceremony; and talk about every school we drive by—Is that where they’ll be going to school? Who does go to school there? Can they take Bunny for show and tell sometime?

Hopefully my husband and I can to tap into their eagerness come the last Monday of August, because the thought of putting our babies on the bus for the first time has both of us a little weak in the knees right now. But I’m sure that’ll all change that morning when we’re asked “Are we going to Kindergarten today?” and we can finally tell them “YES!”

  • From Evie: “I’m excited to get my eyes checked and my ears checked at Kindergarten.* I’m looking forward to going to my high school. I’m a little bit happy to make new friends. I’m going to read and write!”

*They already had their sight and hearing tested in May.

  • From Cam: “I’m excited to ride the school bus to go to all the schools. I’m going to meet the captain of Kindergarten and we’re going to play!”

Erin asked them if they were nervous about going to a new school and having new teachers and they both seemed to think the question was odd. No fears so far.


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