“Skoolz Out For …. Wait a Minute … Is That the Bus?”

Each month, Life in Balance brings you in-depth coverage of one area related to your health, wellness, andpsychological well-being. Through August, we will focus on Back to School issues.

Beginning a new academic year brings with it many challenges for kids from kindergarten to college as well as for parents. From handling homework difficulties to helping your college freshman transition from high school, the start of another school year is an adjustment for most families.

This month, Life in Balance will cover topics such as:

  • The importance of sleep for students
  • Helping (or not helping) with homework
  • Finding quality moments in a busy academic year
  • Navigating assessments for accommodations
  • Talking with your child’s teacher
  • Boosting your child’s confidenceĀ 
  • Benefits and challenges of an introverted student
  • How yoga and meditation can boost grades
  • Hazards of being a helicopter parent to your college freshman
  • And many more….

In addition, this month we will be featuring first-person accounts of parents and kids who are at academic transition point (starting kindergarten, moving from middle to high school, etc.). Join us all month long as we say good-bye to summer (imagine the groan of students everywhere.).


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