Reminder: Join us for the Virtual Roundtable

Last month, we posed a question to a group of people who agreed to be part of our Virtual Roundtable in a effort to bring new voices to Life in Balance. We loved the response. They were heartfelt and inspiring. So we decided to open up discussion again this month and invite new voices.

The question for discussion this month: How do you define sexual health?

If you would like to participate in this month’s discussion and to be featured on Life in Balance, send a response to the question to

Guidelines for submission:

  • 250 words or less
  • Responses that promote sexual violence, abuse, misogyny, or nonconsensual harm to others will not be featured. 
  • Depending on number of responses, your post may be featured in part or in it’s entirety.
  • We do reserve the right to not publish submissions.

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