What It Means to Be An Ally: Just Pure Love of Humanity

This article is part of the month-long focus on LGBTQ mental health and issues. Each month, Life in Balance provides an in-depth look at aspects of mental health, identity, and wellness. It is part of our Virtual Roundtable discussion. Each month, participants will be asked a question related to the month’s topic. Stay tuned for future Virtual Roundtable questions.

By Farrah Chrstos

I always feel led to post something after Pride Festival weekend in Columbus because it’s just something that makes me feel so proud of our progressive city.  It never fails that when I round the corner onto High Street and hear the roar of 300,000 people cheering in support of gay rights, I am overcome with emotion and brought to tears.
As I walked wiping tears and feeling the peaceful love and happiness around me, I wondered if there was someone on the streets who had been denounced by their church because they would be forever a sinner unless they changed how they were born.  If they had been disowned by their family or spent a lifetime in hiding trying to be something they know they weren’t just to save judgment and be what society tells them they should be.  Can you imagine living in this personal slavery?  I know people living this and it is hell for them.  I hope that the outpouring of love was so strong that maybe someone was brought to tears too just knowing there were hundreds of thousands of people there to tell them that they are loved for who they are and not what they are.  None of the “love the sinner not the sin” masked judgement, just pure love of humanity.
Be who you are and be free.
And know that one day, very, very soon, things will change.
Representation from two different churches.
I wonder which church did a better job of reaching people and showing God’s love.
Farrah Chrstos is a true ally living in the Buckeye State, where every ally is desperately needed.

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